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VACANCY: Senior freelance copy-editors in mechanical engineering

  1. Nature of job

    • Multiple, on-going freelance assignments
    • Substantial editing for academic journals including Experimental in Fluids, Physics of Fluids, Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science, and etc. (rephrasing is usually required; re-writing may be necessary, but developmental editing is not necessary.)
    • Notes, tables, and figures in Microsoft Word (figures do not need to be directly edited; feedback can be provided in note/comment form.)
  2. Subject knowledge required

    • Mechanical engineering subjects
    • Highly experienced in substantial editing of academic manuscripts written by non-native English speakers
    • Masterí»s degree (PhD preferred) in the subject to be edited
  3. Editorial experience required of applicant

    • At least FIVE (5) years of copy-editing experience, including TWO (2) years working with Chinese scholars in the fields of mechanical engineering.

Qualified candidates are requested to submit a CV or a personal statement to: (attention: Mr. Rock Lau).