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Services We Provide for Businesses, Organizations, and Agencies
  1. Expert-level Translations
  2. Budget Translations
  3. Urgent Translations
  4. Copyediting Services by Our Native English Language Area Experts
  5. Subject Areas
  6. Examples of Typical Projects
  7. Free Bilingual Chinese Legal Documents Available
  8. Statement of Confidentiality

We specialize in providing written Chinese/English translation services in a wide array of subject areas. To meet the varying needs of our clients, we offer four levels of service: budget, expert and urgent translation services, as well as copyediting services by one of our native English language subject area experts.

1.  Expert-level Translations

For documents that are intended for publication, we recommend our expert-level translation service.This level of translation service is indicated for, but not limited to, the following types of written materials:

  1. Patent documents;
  2. Business correspondence;
  3. All written materials to be used in litigation;
  4. Contracts and other legal documents, particularly those requiring notarized signatures;
  5. Public relations and all business advertising materials;
  6. Company publications (e.g. websites and company brochures).

2.  Budget Translations

Under the pressure of increasing competition, clients need reliable translation services at a reduced cost. For those clients with financial constraints, we recommend our budget-level translation service.This level of service is indicated for, but not limited to, the following types of written materials:

  1. Draft proposals;
  2. Non-critical commercial documents;
  3. Internal administrative documents;
  4. Competitor's advertising brochures and materials for reference;
  5. Internal company communications and personal documents;
  6. Newspaper and journal articles for reference only.

3.  Urgent Translations

Businesses rely upon timely collection, processing and utilization of information in order to stay competitive. Our urgent translation solution is provided to meet your demanding deadlines.

A single translator can translate approximately 3,000 to 5,000 Chinese characters (or English words) in one day. The translation speed of a team will vary depending on the nature and content of the specific project. We can assign as many as 20, or even more, professional translators to the same project in order to expedite completion. As a rule, we can meet all reasonable deadlines required by our clients.

4.  Copyediting Services by Our Native English Language Area Experts

We have developed a strong working relationship with a solid team of native English language area experts who are available for copyediting services and subject matter consultation. They are all native English language speakers, from the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada or Australia, and are not only qualified as copyeditors but, in many cases, are also subject area experts as well.

This added-value copyediting service, conducted by our native English language experts, is only available for Chinese to English translations. After the documents are translated and proofread by our team of Chinese experts, the materials are sent to our native English language area experts for review, revision and commentary and these amendments, in turn, are further incorporated into polishing the document by our Chinese proofreaders.

The quality of the copyediting services performed by our team of native English language area experts meets international academic standards and is therefore recommended when that level of professional quality is required.

5.  Subject Areas

We can translate documents related to a wide array of various professional, industrial, technical and non-technical subject areas including, but not limited to, medicine, law, engineering (all areas), mechanics, electronics, automotive, telecommunications, restaurant and hospitality, food, pharmaceuticals, environmental protection, banking and finance, insurance, management and textilesí¬to name but a few.

6.  Examples of Typical Projects

The following are just some examples of the types of documents we are often asked to translate: training materials; management and human resource handbooks; commercial manuals and documentation; work orders; project reports; investment portfolios; formal bids and contracts; company articles containing industry and professional affiliations; business statements; accounting and other financial documents; official and government documents including laws and regulations; litigation and other legal documents; product information (white) sheets and brochures; equipment operation manuals; technical standards; marketing plans; advertisements; academic theses, doctoral dissertations and professional articles intended for publication; software menus and documentation as well as bilingual websites and other Internet publications. 

7.  Free Bilingual Chinese Legal Documents Available

8.  Statement of Confidentiality

New Bridge Translation holds all materials provided to it under the strictest confidence. For details, the publication New Bridge Confidentiality Undertaking is available upon request.