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Trainings, Seminars, and Forums
Trainings, Seminars, and Forums on Translating, Copyediting, and Publishing

In order to fully promote academic and cultural exchanges and communication among scholars, authors, translators, and copyeditors, as well as the development of the translation and publication sectors in China, we organize occasional trainings, seminars, and forums on topics including the following:
    • Translating commercial and technical documents
    • Translating and copyediting academic papers and books
    • Translating and copyediting literary books
    • Writing in English
    • Submitting academic papers
    • Having academic books published by international publishers
    • Having literary books published by international publishers
    • Introducing foreign academic and literary books to China (importing, translating, and publishing)
We aim to develop a networking platform to promote exchanges and communication among related professionals through training, seminars, and forums. This will promote the exchange of experiences and achievements in research, translation, and writing, expand our professional horizons, improve our professional standards, and help us to play a more significant and positive role in the international arena. Our ultimate goal is to improve scientific and cultural communication between China and the rest of the world, make a contribution to the ¡°Chinese Dream,¡± and promote scientific and cultural development in China and the world.